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Please click the following link for a recent update provided to City Council on the neighborhood plans during their March 19, 2019 City Council meeting.

Overview of the Neighborhood Planning Process

The goal of the City's Neighborhood Planning process is to assist neighborhoods with future planning and development needs by addressing the neighborhood’s goals and desires through the creation of a neighborhood plan. The neighborhood plan will be a general roadmap to guide future neighborhood planning and development efforts both in general categories such as land use, zoning and circulation as well as site specific improvements. Through collaboration with neighborhood citizens, the plan will identify neighborhood improvement goals and objectives and establish area-specific strategies for implementation of the plan.

The Community Planning Program has many aspects including education programs, housing needs, transportation, public safety, social services, infrastructure needs, health services, economic development and character/image.

Neighborhood Plans can help areas by describing clearly what the neighborhood wants to accomplish, providing a framework for zoning, giving direction to the City, offering residents and businesses a clear picture of the development desired, informing property owners and potential developers as to what businesses are needed and providing guidelines for the design. The Neighborhood Plan Initiative has six targeted areas which are the Heights, Barrio, San Jacinto, east Amarillo, Eastridge and north Amarillo areas.

Programs/initiatives to be addressed:

  • Housing Assistance Programs
  • Educational Assistance Programs
  • Family Assistance Programs
  • Occupation Assistance/Training Programs
  • Neighborhood Character/Beautification Program
  • Transportation/Public Transit Study
  • Long-Term Capital Improvement Program Budgeting for Targeted Areas
  • Land Banking Program in Targeted Areas

The Neighborhood Plan process involves:

  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Formulation of Goals
  • Identifying Challenges/Opportunities
  • Identifying Objectives
  • Identifying/Assessing Strategies
  • Creation of an Action Plan
  • Adoption of an Action Plan
  • Implementation of an Action Plan
  • Performance Evaluation

There are three phases to the City of Amarillo’s Neighborhood Plans:

  • Phase I – Defines the area, analyzes the existing conditions and markets
  • Phase II – Drafts and implements the Community Engagement Plan, activates the plan, and determines neighborhood objectives
  • Phase III – determines strategies, action steps, Action/Implementation Plan, and adopts the plans

 Adopted Plans

North Heights Neighborhood Plan

The North Heights Neighborhood Plan, the first neighborhood plan to be completed under the City of Amarillo’s “Community Counts” initiative, was adopted in January of 2017.  It is the first of a handful of neighborhood plans to be completed by the Planning Department.  This document contains the goals, strategies, and actions to be undertaken in pursuit of strengthening the North Heights neighborhood, pursuing economic development and redevelopment, and improvement to transportation and mobility in the area.

In 2018, a group of citizens established the North Heights Advisory Association (NHAA) to broaden, strengthen, and empower the Northside Communities of Amarillo, through educational, scientific, religious, charitable, and social channels.  

City staff coordinates with the NHAA Board and its members to implement the neighborhood plan adopted in 2017.  A public meeting is held every fourth Thursday of the month.  To learn more about NHAA, please visit their website at and their Facebook page at

Current Board Officers
Mildred Darton, President
James Tudman, Vice President
Elisha Demerson, Treasurer
Nicole Luper, Secretary

Barrio Neighborhood Plan

The Barrio Neighborhood Plan is the second neighborhood plan to be completed as part of the “Community Counts” initiative.  It was adopted in April of 2018, and addresses the goals, strategies, and actions for reviving the Barrio neighborhood.  These goals, strategies, and actions fall into these six categories: (1) Infrastructure; (2) Residential Development & Maintenance; (3) Non-Residential Development & Maintenance; (4) Neighborhood Identity & Amenities; (5) Neighborhood Health; (6) Neighborhood Safety.

Plans Underway

San Jacinto Neighborhood Plan

The San Jacinto Neighborhood Plan is the third neighborhood plan area identified to go through the process.  Please visit the San Jacinto subpage for information on the status of this plan.