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What is Spec-Trans?

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Spec-Trans is a system of public transportation providing service for certified citizens of Amarillo who cannot physically use accessible Fixed Route buses. The service is operated by Amarillo City Transit Monday through Saturday, except holidays, between 6:20 a.m. and 6:25 p.m.  Trained operators are available to assist passengers at the curb. Assistance does not include carrying objects for passengers. All vehicles are specially designed with wheelchair lifts and four-point securement devices.

New Reservation  hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday effective October 21, 2019.

Effective October 21, 2019 the Spec Trans fare will increase from $1.50 to $2.00 each way for individuals who travel within the ADA service area.  The one way fare is $4.00 for trips that begin or end outside the ADA service area. 

We will honor previously purchased pink Spec Trans tickets after October 21, 2019 for the face value of $1.50. However you will need to pay an additional $.50 for trips inside the ADA service area or an addition $2.50 for trips outside the ADA service area.

ACT will offer a savings for people who purchase new yellow ticket books of 20 ride tickets for $36.00 which is a 10% discount off the regular $2.00 fare. You may use 1 ticket to pay for trips inside the service are or 2 tickets outside the service area.

If you are able to use the regular fixed route service for some of your trips you can show your Spec Trans ID and ride for $.50.  And if you are approved for a Personal Care Attendant they ride for free.

Amarillo College students will ride free inside or outside the ADA service area.

After consultation with the Advisory Board for People with Disabilities, Amarillo City Transit is changing the No Show policy. The purpose of the No Policy is to discourage riders from scheduling trips and not canceling in a timely manner.

A no show is assessed if Spec Trans arrives within the pickup window and after waiting five (5) minutes, a customer does not arrive to take the trip. A late cancellation is a failure to provide at least two hours notice to cancel a trip. The current policy treats penalties for a no show and late cancellation differently.  Three or more late cancellations are the equivalent of one no show for the purpose of the penalties. The new policy treats late cancellations the same as a no show.

Late cancellations or no-shows beyond the control of the rider are not counted. Passengers are not penalized for no shows or late cancels unless they take 8 or more trips in any month and the number of violations equal 25% of the trips a customer reserved in that time period. 

Passengers who violate the policy receive a warning letter before any penalties apply and violations drop off after 12 months. The ADA requires us to notify you of no show violations in a timely manner even if the policy will not apply to you. Please let us know if the notice was given in error or was beyond your control.

Additional information is available by calling 806-378-3509 or the TTY though Texas Relay Services at 7-1-1. Please contact ACT if you require information to be sent to you in an alternative format.

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