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Passenger Code of Conduct

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Amarillo City Transit is committed to the safety of our passengers and staff.  Public transit requires sharing space. Our rules ensure that you enjoy your transit experience. Please follow them as a courtesy to others.

  • All passengers must wear a shirt and shoes to board.

  • Passengers without a valid fare will be asked to de-board.

  • Reserve priority seating at the front of vehicles for seniors and Riders with Disabilities. Passengers must vacate these seats if asked to do so by the Bus Operator.

  • Keep all belongings on your lap or at your feet. Do not leave belongings unattended or allow them to block aisles or obstruct seats.

  • Fold and stow walkers and strollers while in transit.

  • Smoking and the use of other tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, vaporizers or chewing tobacco are prohibited on board a bus, at transit centers, or any transit bus stop.

  • Do not bring food or open containers of drinks on board. Beverages are permitted in spill-proof or screw-top containers.

  • Do not interfere with the operation of the vehicle, including talking to an operator while the vehicle is in motion.

  • Don't cross the white or yellow line at the entrance of vehicles until it's time to de-board.

  • Do not engage in disruptive behavior, loud conversation, profanity, insults, threats, horseplay or fighting.

  • Passengers must use headphones or ear-buds while listening to music on the bus and at the Transfer Station.

  • Animals are not permitted on board except service animals assisting a rider with a disability, or a service animal in training. While on board, service animals must be maintained under the rider's seat, in their lap or beside a wheelchair.

  • Open containers or consumption of alcoholic beverages on board and at stops is prohibited. Illegal weapons, explosives, wet cell batteries, flammable/combustible material (e.g., gasoline, kerosene or propane) and other hazardous items are not permitted on board.

  • Objects that could pose a danger to other passengers are not permitted on the vehicle. Knives while legal to posses are not permitted on transit vehicles.