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New Fares beginning October 21, 2019

Amarillo City Transit will begin implementing the following new fares and will no longer be issuing transfers.

Questions and answers regarding the new fares can be found under FAQ.

Fixed Route

Full/Single Rides


Seniors (65 & above)/Disabled

$ .50

Students K-12

$ .50

Age 5 and Younger

No charge

Day Pass


Reduced Day Pass


Monthly Pass




Single Rides within service area


Single Ride outside service area


Age 5 and Younger

No Charge

20-ride booklet



Sold by Utility Billing Department at City Hall or at the

Transit Office located at 23rd and Olive on the Route 33

If customers purchase Day Passes at City Hall or the Transit Office the pass is only valid when the Bus Operator punches the pass with the appropriate day, date and month.

Individuals purchasing a Reduced Fare Day Pass must present a Reduced Fare Card or Medicare Card with a Drivers License in order to use a Reduced Fare Pass.

Reduced Fare Cards are issued at the Amarillo City Transit Office at 23rd and Olive on Route 33.  Transit