Public Health Emergency Preparedness

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Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) exists to provide and maintain a high level of public-health response readiness.

This program is responsible for:

  • All hazards planning for protecting public health
  • Plan and exercise mass vaccination/mass distribution of medications
  • Strategic national stockpile coordination
  • Collaboration with community partners in planning, response and evaluation
  • Community education

My Emergency Plan Checklist

  • Know your area and what disasters are possible
  • Create a basic emergency supply kit
  • Plan for special items needed by your family
  • Make a to-go bag (everything you need for 3 days away from home)
  • Know your evacuation routes
  • Designate three family meeting spots
  • Keep important phone numbers written down.  Your phone may get damaged or lost
  • Know the emergency procedures for your kids schools.
  • If you have a pet, plan ahead for your pet.

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Contact Information

Mark Price - Program Manager 806-378-6336


1000 Martin Road, Amarillo, TX 79107

Phone: 806-378-6300 

Fax: 806-378-6306

24 Hour Emergency Number: 806-680-8980


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