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Traffic Office 


Traffic Department Main Office                                                  806-378-6296

Traffic Operations Technician                                                     806-378-6294

Traffic Technician II                                                                   806-378-6297

Design Technician                                                                      806-378-9382

Administrative Assistant IV                                                        806-378-6296


Report a problem- To report any                                                    

traffic signals, school flashers, or                            

traffic signs that need repair please                                  

call the Traffic Field Office at                                                      806-378-6800


Red Light Camera Questions                                                       806-378-4224

General Questions                                                                       806-378-6296


 Physical Address                                                                  Mailing Address

808 S. Buchanan St.                                                               Traffic Adminstration

Simms Municipal Building                                                      P.O. Box 1971

Amarillo, TX 79101-1971                                                       Amarillo, TX 79101-1971

Traffic Field Operations

Traffic Field Superintendent                                                          806-378-6802

Traffic Field Office Administrative Assistant II                               806-378-6800


Physical Address                                                                 Traffic Field Operations

800 S.E. 23rd. Avenue                                                          City of Amarillo

Amarillo, TX 79103-1108                                                     P.O. Box 1971

                                                                                           Amarillo, TX 79105-1971