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Grease Trap Program

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The City of Amarillo conducts grease trap Inspections in order to insure that all facilities using a grease trap are maintained and pumped on a regular or routine basis.

All pumper companies pumping grease traps in the city of Amarillo are required to be permitted by the City of Amarillo, Industrial Waste Department.

The City of Amarillo also requires the pumper companies to use a City of Amarillo Manifest provided by the city. All pumpers are required to leave a copy of the manifest at the facility after pumping a grease trap.

The City of Amarillo urges all facilities using a grease trap to keep the most resent copy of the manifest on site and available for Inspection.

Upon Inspection of a grease trap, if the manifest is not available, the Inspector will leave a grease trap Inspection Information Request Form, to be filled out and e-mailed or faxed to the person conducting the inspection. This will allow the inspector to complete the inspection without returning to the facility.

If a grease trap is found to be in need of pumping or maintenance, the inspector will inform the establishment manager to have the grease trap pumped or maintained to proper functioning order, within 10 business Days of the initial Inspection.

If, upon re-inspection of a grease trap, it is found that the facility has not pumped or maintained the grease trap, the City of Amarillo, Industrial Waste Department will remand enforcement to the City of Amarillo, Environmental Health Department.

City of Amarillo, TX Code of Ordinances Section. 18-3-33

Grease and oil interceptors shall be constructed of impervious materials capable of withstanding abrupt and extreme changes in temperature. They shall be of substantial construction, watertight, and equipped with easily removable covers which when bolted in place shall be gas-tight, and water-tight.

Sizing of such Grease and Oil interceptors shall be in accordance with the provisions of the City’s plumbing code.

Where installed, all Grease and Oil interceptors shall be maintained by the user at his expense, in proper operating conditions at all times.