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Community Service

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Community Service must be performed at a non-profit or faith-based organization. All nonprofits must operate under section 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Check the Community Service Agency List appropriate for your age group for the agency with whom you would like to complete community service. Pay attention to the restrictions and hours of operation for each listed agency. 

If you would like to complete community service with an agency not on our Community Service Agency lists, please call the Court Community Program Coordinator at (806) 378-5232 or email to confirm the agency is acceptable BEFORE starting your community service. The Court Community Program Coordinator will require 501(c)(3) verification of non-profit status for any organization that is not listed on the Community Service Agency lists PRIOR to beginning community service. 

The Court has the right to refuse to accept community service that is not performed at an approved organization. You MUST receive PRIOR approval to ensure that your community service will be accepted by the Court.

You must submit a separate Community Service Log for each agency. If you need additional logs or a list of acceptable community service agencies, please visit our Forms page or contact the Court Community Program Coordinator at (806) 378-5232 or email.

Remember, your community service has monthly deadlines unless otherwise agreed upon by the Court. Turn in your hours pursuant to your signed community service agreement.