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To provide for the safe and efficient movement of pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicular traffic within the City. This involves a continuous effort to improve the overall efficiency of the street network while reducing the number and severity of collisions.


About us

We operate in several areas, all in which serves the public's safety. We provide our community with a secure and efficient environment  in which pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic can commute protected. Some of our services include:                                                              
             •Engineering Studies
All maintenance and installation processes can be found in the Texas Manual under Uniform Traffic Control devices (click on link below).The Department is responsible for authorizing street light installation, computing traffic signals, investigating sight restriction complaints, issuing driveway permits, party/block permits, and conducting a traffic counting program.




Annual Budget

2017-2018 Traffic Engineering

2017-2018 Traffic Field Operations

2017-2018 Photographic Traffic Enforcement


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