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Hiring and Managing Off-Duty Officers

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In order to efficiently respond to requests for and manage employment of off-duty police officers, the Amarillo Police Department has partnered with Off Duty Management to provide all the services related to hiring officers.  Beginning January 29th, 2018, Off Duty Management will provide a web based service that will allow businesses, organizations, and individuals to hire officers for security and other permitted functions.    

Off-Duty Management is based in Katy, Texas and has years of experience managing off duty programs.  They will provide services to include scheduling, payroll, and invoicing.   

Off Duty Management provides these benefits that the previous system of off-duty hiring was not able to provide:

Online access to information through the OfficerTRAK® software including:

    • Job status
    • Officer clock-in times
    • Field notes and media files
    • Post orders and instructions
    • Past and future shift information
  • Full liability coverage for your company, the agency, and officer
  • 24/7 customer service through their our toll-free number
  • Dedicated point of contact for scheduling and invoicing

Organizations that have recurring needs for off-duty officers can establish an account and schedule billing cycles with off-duty management.  The Amarillo Police Department realizes that there will be some added cost to anyone using the service, but this is the most effective and fiscally responsible way to manage private requests for security, traffic control, and other police officer services that do not fall within the regular duties of Amarillo Police Officers.

You can request service or obtain a quote the following ways:

Department Rules for Off-Duty Employment

Both the Department and Off Duty Management work to assure that positions provided through the Off Duty Management/Officer TRAK system are verified as being within the Department's policy.  There are some functions for which an officer may not be employed under any circumstances.    

Officers may not participate in outside employment in which a conflict of interest may arise, or their work would be incompatible or inconsistent with performance of Departmental duties.  They will not participate in any duty or activity which would be undignified or lower the prestige of the Department.  Officers are not permitted to work in any business whose primary source of revenue or service is in any way connected with distribution of alcoholic beverages.  If the employment is a party at which alcohol is served, officers will not be allowed to work unless a sufficient number of officers are hired.  

Officers may be employed to provide service in uniform or in civilian clothing, though most assignments will require that a uniform be worn.  In some employment, officers will be required to use marked patrol cars.  Cost and billing for this is explained within the Officer Trak system.   If you have any other questions, please call Off Duty Management at the toll-free number listed above or call the office of the Chief of Police at (806) 378-6101.