Neighborhood Patrol Officers Unit

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NPO UnitThe Neighborhood Patrol Officers Unit is comprised of ten officers, supervised by Sergeant Trent Thomas.  Though they have offices in their assigned areas, they may may not be in the offices at all times.

The NPO Unit provides designated geographic areas or “neighborhoods” with the services of the police officers who concentrate their efforts in accordance with the philosophy of Community Oriented Policing and Problem Oriented Policing. The selection of a neighborhood assignment of a NPO is based upon a variety of factors including crime trends, calls for service statistics, and visual blight and renovation/revitalization needs. NPO’s are assigned to a neighborhood on a semi-permanent basis and will strive to become familiar with community members in their assigned area. They will provide residents with a central source of assistance for both law enforcement and non-law enforcement type problems. Selected officers within the unit are also assigned to coordinate the resolution of specific, identified problems, which may occur throughout the city. It is the goal of the NPO Unit to form a partnership with the residents of the community in order to reduce crime and fear of crime as well as to enhance quality of life within the community. Officers assigned to the NPO Unit receive specialized training, equipment, and scheduling flexibility to fulfill this goal and are encouraged to be innovative and proactive in problem solving crime prevention.

Eastridge: Office at the Eastridge Baptist Church located at 1300 Evergreen. The telephone number is (806) 336-3139. 

North Heights: Officer Nick Burns and Officer Ben Prewett office at St John's Baptist Church located at 2301 NW 14th Ave. Their telephone number is (806) 336-8562. 

San Jacinto: Cpl Michael Vigil office at the Heal the City Clinic located at 609 S Carolina St. Their telephone number is (806) 336-9102. 

East Amarillo: Officer Steven Deal and Officer Matthew Johnson office at the Wesley Community Center located at 1516 SE 16th Ave. Their number is (806) 336-1582. 

Southlawn: Office at the Maverick Boys and Girls Club 1923 S. Lincoln. The telephone number is (806) 672-6075.