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Specialized Operations Division

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E. Brown

The Specialized Operations Division is commanded by Captain Elizabeth Brown. Under her command are the Covert/Tactical Operations Unit, Directed Operation Unit, and the Intelligence and Support Unit.  


Units in the Specialized Operations Division are:

  • Covert/Tactical Operations
    • SWAT Team
    • Narcotics Team
    • Bomb Team
    • Task Force Officers
  • Directed Operations Unit
    • Proactive Criminal Enforcement: 

      These officers are assigned to address recurring problem areas and to actively look for persons who are repeat offenders and/or who have active warrants for their arrest. They are dedicated to working in partnership with other law enforcement agencies and divisions within the Police Department to solve or reduce problems that affect the quality of life in our community. PACE officers' hours vary with the need for their service. 

    • Traffic Enforcement (Motorcycle Unit and Parking)
    • School Liaison Officers: The School Liaison Unit consists of officers to work in conjunction with the local school districts in an effort to promote school safety and investigate crimes that occur on campus.
  • Intelligence and Support Unit

Special Operations Division Contact Information:

  • Division Commander: (806) 378-4269
  • Administrative Assistant: (806) 378-4262
  • Traffic Enforcement: (806) 418-6212
  • School Liaison Supervisor: (806) 418-6213
  • Crisis Intervention Team Supervisor (806) 378-4032
  • Narcotics and SWAT: (806) 378-3076