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Narcotics Unit

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Lt. Clay Rolan commands the Narcotics Division, which includes the Narcotics Unit, the SWAT Team (Special Weapons and Tactics Team) the Bomb Squad and Task Force Officers.  This Division is responsible for investigating the possession, sale, and distribution of illegal narcotics. Narcotics Unit officers also investigate prostitution, gambling, and organized criminal activity. In addition to support of Narcotics Unit operations, the SWAT Team responds to high-risk incidents that require specialized tactical responses and equipment. These incidents include barricaded suspects, hostage situations, and high-risk search warrants or arrest warrants. 

The Bomb Squad responds to suspicious items, to actual explosive devices, and to scenes where an explosion has taken place.  Bomb Team members identify and mitigate explosives to ensure public safety.  The Bomb Squad supplements SWAT by managing all the “Response” equipment, including the Mobile Command Vehicle and the Bomb Squad's robots.  The Narcotics Unit supervisor is Sgt. Brent Harlan. The SWAT Team supervisor is Sgt. Brent Harlan.  The Bomb Squad Supervisor is Sgt David James. 

Narcotics Division Contact Information:

  Narcotics Unit and SWAT: 378-3076


Here, APD's Armored Rescue Vehicle used by SWAT and an ambulance were at a scene of a SWAT call out.  The incident was resolved safely and without injury to anyone.