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10/2/18 - Amarillo Area OEM

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Last week's post reviewed a brief history of emergency management in order to provide the public with a better understanding of what the field of emergency management is. Today’s post will focus on your local emergency management office!

 The Amarillo Area Office of Emergency Management is unique in that it is inter-jurisdictional. This means that it is tasked with the development and implementation of a comprehensive emergency management program for the following cities and counties:

  • City of Amarillo, Texas
  • Potter County, Texas
  • Randall County, Texas
  • City of Canyon, Texas

All four of these localities are exposed to many hazards, all of which have the potential for disrupting the community, causing casualties, and damaging or destroying public or private property. Disasters can be anything from severe weather and tornadoes, to wildfires, hazardous materials incidents, winter weather, flooding and more!  

Our “all-hazards plan” ensures the readiness of our community to respond to all hazards that may occur in the Panhandle. We also encourage that individuals, families, and businesses make sure they are prepared for any hazard as well, as this is a critical element of any emergency program.

Response to an emergency management incident is typically coordinated from an emergency operations center or EOC. We help coordinate information, resources, and situational awareness.  To do this, we work with all city and county departments, as well as, other organizations throughout our community to ensure the entire community is committed to emergency preparedness.

Come back next week and learn more about the different types of hazards that are common to the Texas Panhandle!