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AECC New Applicant Information

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  • Citizen of the United States
  • Possess a valid Texas Driver’s License upon employment
  • At least 18 years of age on first day of Emergency Telecommunications academy
  • High School Graduate or GED
  • Steps in the Hiring Process
    • Initial Application
    • Computerized Dispatch Simulation Examination
    • Background Investigation
    • Polygraph Examination
    • Interview Board
    • Medical Examination
    • Psychological Examination
    • All military veterans must have an HONORABLE DISCHARGE documented by a DD-214 (Member 4 page must be included) 
  • At the bottom of this page you will find the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Personal History Statement Link.
  • Read ALL instructions before printing and/or completing the TCOLE Personal History Statement:
  • Print it off (Single side printing only)
  • Fill it out completely using the following instructions as your guide


  1. Complete ALL questions


Relatives & References:

  1. List ALL family members as requested
  2. Mark “N/A” if a category is not applicable or if the individual is deceased



  1. List ALL schools attended.
  2. You will be required to furnish official transcripts to support all of your educational claims.



  1. List ALL residences during the last ten years or since age 15 (see document for further information)
  2. Provide complete addresses
  3. If the residence is a military base, identify name of base in address, nearest city, state and zip code


Experience & Employment

  1. List ALL jobs you have had in the last ten years
  2. Include ALL military services, bases, assignments, etc.
  3. List ALL periods of unemployment in excess of 30 days
  4. List at least 2 co-workers for each employer.
  5. If you answered yes to Questions 26–36, explain it in Question 37


Military Experience:

  1. Complete for all branches of military served
  2. If you answered YES to questions 44 and/or 45, explain in the space provided



  1. For each question fill in the amounts to the nearest dollar
  2. If you answered YES to questions 47-60, you must provide an explanation in the space provided


Legal- You MUST include :

  1. ALL detentions or arrests, whether they resulted in a conviction or not
  2. ALL convictions
  3. ALL diversion programs
  4. ALL citations (excluding traffic tickets) May have been detained and or received Class C for disorderly conduct, prostitution, assault, etc. without actual arrest.


Undetected Acts:

  1. Mark either Yes or No for every line listed
  2. If you answered yes to any item(s) in section 72 – 73, explain in the space provided.


Motor Vehicle Operation:

  1. Answer ALL questions completely


Social Media

  1. List all social media accounts you have, even if not active



  1. DO NOT SIGN the document.
  2. Once we verify that the document is as it should be, wewill witness your signature and   notarize it for you.


If something doesn’t apply, put NA in the space provided

Leave NOTHING out- Be thorough – Be transparent- More is better

Gather all of the documents listed on Page 2 of the TCOLE Personal History Statement

Shortly after completing all steps of your Online Application at , you will receive a phone call from the administration staff at AECC. They will set up an appointment for your Pre-Hire Interview. Bring your completed TCOLE Personal History Packet along with all of the documents listed on page 2 to your Pre Hire Interview.

Here is the link to the TCOLE Personal History Packet: