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Fire Chief
Jeff Greenlee  
Baucom Jr._Samuel Mays_Jason
Deputy Chief - Support
Sam Baucom  
Deputy Chief - Operations
Jason Mays  

 The Amarillo Fire Department


Established in 1897, the Amarillo Fire Department has a public service history that exemplifies the noble attributes of honor, integrity, courage, and dedication. This course has been accomplished by the selfless commitment of many individuals working towards a common goal of compassionate and professional service. Moving forward, it is our aim to honor the service and memory of generations past by continuing to provide the finest lifesaving emergency services possible, in as safe a manner as possible.

The Amarillo Fire Department's mission is to protect our community by providing the highest quality of compassionate and professional services. Traditionally, this meant providing primarily fire protection. In today’s ever-evolving environment, these services now often include fire protection, emergency medical service, hazardous materials response, Homeland Security incidents, and specialized and technical rescues. Also included are fire prevention & investigation and community education & involvement.

The people that make up the Amarillo Fire Department are our greatest asset. The knowledge, skills, and professionalism exhibited by the membership, on a daily basis, are second to none. Partnered with committed city leadership, the AFD will continue to make Amarillo a safer community in which to live and work.


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