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Bid Information

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Notice to Bidders
The City of Amarillo, Texas, will receive sealed bids until 4:00 P.M. on the date indicated, in the office of the Purchasing Department, located in Room 307 on the third floor of City Hall. Bids are opened and read aloud in Room 305 at the above stated time.

Public Purchase

The City of Amarillo Purchasing Department is now submitting bids through the online bidding system Public Purchase. Through this process, we hope to achieve maximum vendor participation in online bidding, as well as strive to be financially responsible with taxpayer dollars to foster the public’s trust and confidence.


Event Date/Time Agenda Minutes
- Agenda:Agenda-2020July7 Agenda-2020July7 Not Included
- Agenda:Agenda-2020June30 Agenda-2020June30 Not Included
- Agenda:Agenda-2020June26FullAgenda Agenda-2020June26FullAgenda Not Included
- Agenda:06232020FullAgenda 06232020FullAgenda Not Included
- Agenda:Agenda-2020June17 (2) Agenda-2020June17 (2) Minutes:\Notice of Possible Board Attendance Only \Notice of Possible Board Attendance Only
- Agenda:06162020FullAgenda 06162020FullAgenda Minutes:Minutes-2020June16 Minutes-2020June16
- Agenda:06092020FullAgenda 06092020FullAgenda Minutes:Mintues-2020June9 Mintues-2020June9
- Agenda:0602020FullAgenda 0602020FullAgenda Minutes:Minutes-2020June2 Minutes-2020June2
- Agenda:05262020FullAgenda 05262020FullAgenda Minutes:Minutes-2020May26 Minutes-2020May26
- Agenda:Agenda-2020May20 Agenda-2020May20 Minutes:\Notice of Possible Board Attendance Only \Notice of Possible Board Attendance Only
- Agenda:05192020FullAgenda 05192020FullAgenda Minutes:Minutes-2020May19 Minutes-2020May19
- Agenda:05122020FullAgenda 05122020FullAgenda Minutes:Minutes-2020May12 Minutes-2020May12
- Agenda:05052020FullAgenda 05052020FullAgenda Minutes:Minutes-2020May5 (2) Minutes-2020May5 (2)
- Agenda:04282020FullAgenda 04282020FullAgenda Minutes:Minutes-2020April28 Minutes-2020April28
- Agenda:Agenda-2020April24 Agenda-2020April24 Minutes:Minutes-2020April24 (2) Minutes-2020April24 (2)
- Agenda:04212020FullAgenda 04212020FullAgenda Minutes:Minutes-20200421 Minutes-20200421
- Agenda:04142020FullAgenda 04142020FullAgenda Minutes:Minutes-20200414 Minutes-20200414
- Agenda:04072020FullAgenda 04072020FullAgenda Minutes:Minutes-2020April 7 Minutes-2020April 7
- Agenda:03312020.FullAgenda 03312020.FullAgenda Minutes:Minutes-2020March 31 Minutes-2020March 31
- Agenda:03242020FullAgenda 03242020FullAgenda Minutes:Minutes-2020March 24 Minutes-2020March 24
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