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Vendor Payments

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Vendors wishing to receive electronic payment from the City of Amarillo in lieu of paper checks may sign up with the City's electronic payment provider, Paymode. 

Enrollment for payment by ACH is quick, easy, and secure. Please use the link below to the Paymode portal site to enroll in this service.

Paymode Link


Select JOIN NOW to begin the enrollment process.  When you arrive at the registration form, please be aware that the EIN Number will be your social security number if enrolling as an individual, or your business tax ID number, if enrolling your business.

Paymode Site


Please note if you are scheduled to receive payments during the enrollment process, you will be issued a paper check.  No payments will be delayed.

Need Help? 

If assistance is needed, you may call Paymode’s Customer Support toll free at 877-443-6944.  You may also call or email Lisa Liles in Accounting at 806-378-6204.