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Customer Payments

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The Accounting Department accepts payments for various amounts owed the City. For questions, please see below or contact the Accounting Department at 806-378-4201.

Landfill Charges Payment

The Accounting Department administers payments for dumping at the landfill. For more information, call 806-378-5223.

Lien Payments/Mowing Charges

The Accounting Department is responsible for the collection of lien payments and mowing charges. After a lien has been placed on a parcel of land or private property, an individual who is responsible for the payment of the lien or who wishes to have the lien removed should contact the Accounting Department at 806-378-6206.

Plumbing and Electrical Charges on Account

After contact with and approval of the Building Safety Department, the Accounting Department administers account payments for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and building work permits. For information, call 806-378-5223.

Retiree Insurance Payments

Retirees may pay all post employment Benefit premiums in the Accounting Department. Retirees may also sign up to have their premiums drafted monthly from their bank account. Please contact the Benefits Department at 806-378-4235 for more information. 

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Cash, Check, Money Order, Visa/MasterCard/Discover, and debit cards accepted