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Winter Weather Operations

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 The purpose of the City of Amarillo's Snow & Ice Control Policy is to provide a uniform plan or level of service to be followed to ensure the City's main thoroughfares remain safe and passable during winter weather emergencies.

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General Oversight and Plan Activation

  • Implemented by the Street Superintendent
  • When conditions warrant, 24 hour emergency operations will be initiated
  • Street Division personnel will be divided into two 12-hour shifts
  • Street Division will monitor weather reports and current conditions to determine when the employee call-out procedure is to be activated
  • Snow/Ice Control Procedures are implemented based on storm conditions


Overpass Procedure

  • Total of nine overpasses are maintained
  • 1-ton trucks with spreader boxes apply granular de-icing materials
  • De-icing materials are applied once temperature nears 30 degrees, overpasses are wet with falling precipitation
  • As conditions worsen, medium to heavy treatments are applied at periodic intervals

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Salt/Sand Spreading Procedure

  • Eight salt/sand routes established for salt/sand mixture to be spread at every signalized intersection, located on the City's primary arterial and collector streets
  • Each salt/sand truck operator will begin salting 300 feet in advance of traffic signals to provide ample stopping distance for traffic approaching the red light
  • Salt/sand mixture provides an ice melting capacity, as well as, traction for vehicles
  • Salt/sand is applied once temperature is below 30 degrees or falling with precipitation, overpasses are beginning to freeze, and pavement is wet or sticky


Snow Plowing Procedure

  • Activated when accumulation reaches 3 inches with additional amounts forecasted
  • Primary arterial streets organized into 6 plow routes
  • One plow team assigned to each plow route
  • Plow team consists of a motor-grader, two plow trucks, and a front-end loader
  • Snow is plowed from gutter to middle of street to keep gutter open for drainage
  • Openings in snow windrow in middle of street will be cleared at main intersections

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Snow Plowing Prioritization

  1. Arterials adjacent and leading routes to hospitals, any outlying Fire Stations subject to drift closure, main arterials adjacent to open fields and subject to drifting.
  2. Other Primary Arterials (ex: Grand, Coulter, Plains Blvd, Hillside, etc.)
  3. Collector Streets (ex: Quarter Horse Drive, Line Ave., Avondale, etc.
  4. Downtown Business District
  5. Residential streets adjacent to public school facilities and collector streets leading to public schools

NOTE: No clearing of residential streets, except to or around schools, is planned under this policy.



To report a problem or request additional information regarding the City of Amarillo's Snow and Ice Control Policy, please contact the Street Division at 806-378-6815