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Right-of-Way Excavation Permits

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The Street Division is responsible for administering the permit process for all utility excavations within City Right-of-Way (ROW) for service line installation or maintenance.  City ROW includes both public streets and alleys.


City Code Chapter 4-6, Article V, Sec. 4-6-201: Service Line is a line connecting the Service Provider's utility or meter to the customer's point of utilization or consumption.


According to Sec. 4-6-205 - Service Line Permit

(a) Any person excavating and/or making pavement cuts in any public right-of-way for the purpose of Service Line installation or maintenance shall:

  1. Make application for a Service Line Permit from the City Street Division
  2. Provide a plan for the service line excavation and restoration of said public ROW
  3. Post a performance surety bond or cash equivalent security in an amount representing the estimated cost of restoring the public ROW to prescribed City specifications and providing evidence of insurance as required by the permit application.


To Submit an Application for a Service Line Permit or for additional information, please contact the Street Division at 806-378-6819.