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Sealcoat FAQ's

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  1. Why does the City sealcoat streets?

    Sealcoating prevents water from seeping into the roadway base. Moisture makes the supporting structure under the pavement soft and traffic loads will break up the asphalt pavement and can lead to costly repairs and create inconveniences and safety hazards.  

  2. Why does the City sealcoat streets that are in good condition?

    Street sealcoating is a preventative maintenance activity for streets that are in  "good" condition so they will remain in good condition and not deteriorate to a lesser quality that would require a more expensive maintenance activity at a later date. A typical sealcoating maintenance cycle for an asphalt-paved street is between 8 to 10 years due to asphalt "oxidation" (similar to the way metal will rust and break down). The city of Amarillo's program attempts to sealcoat all residential streets at least once every ten (10) years.  

  3. When will the loose rock be swept up after sealcoating?

    To ensure that the rock is securely embedded in the liquid asphalt and the liquid asphalt has time to properly hardened, the loose rock will be swept to the edge of the street the day following the initial application. One week later, street sweepers will begin picking up the loose rock and will continue sweeping until all of the loose rock is removed.

  4. When will my street be sealcoated?

    Typically on the Friday of the week prior to your street being sealcoated, each resident will receive a door hanger notifying them that their street is scheduled to be sealcoated the next week. Many factors, such as weather, equipment problems, parked vehicles, etc., affect or alter our schedules daily. However, if you would like to receive an estimation of when your street may be sealcoated, you may contact the Street Division at 806-378-6815. 

  5. If an area was skipped in front of your residence, due to a parked vehicle, will the City return to sealcoat the "car spot"? 

When all of the streets in a particular addition are completed, the Street Division will go around the addition and attempt to finish each car spot before going onto the next addition. If you would like to check on your particular car spot, please contact the Street Division at 806-378-6815.