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Sealcoat Door Hanger

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One day next week, weather permitting, your street will be resurfaced as part of the City's regular preventative maintenance program. Sealcoating is a process that has been utilized by the City of Amarillo for well over thirty (30) years, and has proven to be a very efficient and cost effective method of maintaining streets. Once every eight to ten years, each residential street is sealcoated to seal the existing asphalt surface against the intrusion of water and to provide a new wear surface. 

The sealcoating process consists of an application of hot asphalt followed by a layer of small rock which is compacted into the streets surface. The asphalt must be allowed to stiffen before any sweeping can begin. Therefore, pending availability of sweeping  equipment, the loose rock will be swept to the gutter the day after initial application. One week later, a street sweeper will begin sweeping up any excess rock and will continue to sweep the rock on a regular basis until all the loose rock is removed from the street and gutter.

In past years, various problems have arisen due to the rock not adhering adequately to the street surface. Therefore, the rock is pre-coated  with asphalt to improve the rock's adherence to the street's surface and enhance the overall effectiveness of the sealcoat operation. Pre-coated sealcoat rock may stick to the bottom of shoes and car tires after initial application to the street. However, as the asphalt material cures, the stickiness of the rock will soon diminish.  With your cooperation this resurfacing can be completed quickly and safely. We will do whatever possible to minimize any inconvenience. For further details or information call the City Street Division at 806-378-6815.