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Preventative Maintenance Programs

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Various surface treatments and applications are used to improve the roadway surface and increase the lifespan of the street.  Scheduled preventative maintenance helps prolong the life of the streets by protecting the surface from the effects of aging, cracking, deterioration, and water infiltration.  Additionally, prolonging the life of our City streets saves time and taxpayer money by intervening before full reconstruction is needed.


Crack Seal

  • Intermediate maintenance activity that is done between sealcoat or overlay cycles
  • Consists of sealing the cracks in the pavement with an emulsified asphalt sealant
  • Prolongs the life of the street
  • Prevents moisture from entering into the base and subgrade material
  • Wet sub-grade soils lead to pavement failures and more costly repairs
  • Typically performed during the winter months (November thru March)
  • 2019 Cost = $2,166 per lane mile



  • Commonly referred to as Chipseal
  • City's primary preventative maintenance activity for residential streets
  • Consists of spraying a thin layer of liquid asphalt onto the existing street surface followed by a thin layer of gravel
  • Seals the existing surface and increases the skid resistance.
  • Residential streets, throughout the City, are sealcoated on a 10 year cycle
  • Typically performed during the summer months (June thru September)
  • 2019 Cost = $13,506 per lane mile

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  • Primary full width maintenance activity for the City's main thoroughfares
  • Small thickness of the street's surface may be removed by milling
  • New asphalt surface (typically 1" thick) is placed on top of the remaining pavement
  • Provides a smoother ride surface
  • Seals the surface of the street from the intrusion of moisture
  • Typically performed during summer months (June thru September)
  • 2019 Cost = $85,579 per lane mile.

Due to the specialized equipment required, the overlay treatments are outsourced to local contractors.  The City typically budgets $1,800,000 each year for this maintenance activity.  Since there are over 590 lane miles of arterial and collector streets in Amarillo, spending $1,800,000 each year would take about 23 years to provide an overlay on each of these streets at current prices.  To obtain the maximum benefit, these streets should be overlaid with a new surface about once every 10 years.



To report a pothole or request maintenance to your street, please contact the Street Division at 806-378-6815