Cardboard Recycling

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Recycling Program Extended for Six Months

KB Recycling, along with local business partners, has agreed to extend the recycling program for the City of Amarillo for six months.

The recycling program will be free of charge. City staff is evaluating the viability of a full-time recycling program.

The locations for cardboard recycling are:

● Amarillo Civic Center, Entrance 8, Downtown Parking Lot.

● Sam’s Club, 2201 Ross St.

● Sam’s Club, 8952 Westgate Parkway.

● Bentley & Associates, 7148 Bell St.

● St. Hyacinth Church, 4500 W. Hills Trail/Amarillo Blvd.

One of the primary goals of the recycling program is to divert waste from landfills.

During the past holiday season, 14,280 pounds of cardboard were collected and recycled from Nov. 26 through Jan. 2 from the recycling partnership with KB Recycling and local businesses.

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