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Solid Waste

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About Us

The City of Amarillo's Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Division is responsible for the collection and disposal of the City’s trash or garbage. The City’s landfill is the disposal burial site for all non-hazardous solid waste collected in Amarillo. The City utilizes a fully automated, containerized collection system.

The division focuses on several initiatives throughout the city including:


The Solid Waste Collection Division provides for the safe and efficient collection of residential and commercial solid waste within the city limits of Amarillo.

Curbside Cart Information

The Curbside Cart Program allows for the utilization of only one worker for each truck and route.

A better appearance of the City neighborhoods is maintained by the elimination of unsightly piles of trash, torn garbage bags, and lines of trash cans. 

Information regarding the City's Curbside Cart Program is available at

Curbside Cart Rollout Service

Curbside Cart Rollout Service is available to residents for a nominal monthly fee. City of Amarillo employees will roll your cart to and from your curb twice a week prior to trash collection. Pricing for the service is based on number of carts and distance from your home. A complete breakdown of costs can be found at

If you need assistance getting your curbside cart to and from the curb on your trash collection days and cannot afford the monthly fee, the following agency may be able to offer you assistance. Please call the volunteer agency directly to find out if you qualify for assistance.

  • Meals On Wheels (806) 374-1521


The Solid Waste Disposal Division provides for safe and environmentally efficient processing, transportation, compaction, and daily cover of the community's waste at Transfer Stations and the Landfill, in compliance with federal, state and local permit regulations.


Annual Budget

2018-2019 Solid Waste
2019-2020 Solid Waste
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