San Jacinto

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Welcome to our home page for the San Jacinto Neighborhood Plan.  The City and Potter County teamed up a few years ago to launch a new neighborhood planning process.  The first plans adopted were for the North Heights and Barrio neighborhoods.  San Jacinto was chosen for the next area to go through the planning process.

This site will be used to provide information about the planning process, meeting and event times and contact information.  We will also include recaps of the public meetings, including presentation materials.

The fourth public meeting to discuss Options and Alternatives will take place on Thursday, November 7th starting at 6PM.  The meeting will be held at at San Jacinto Elementary School located at 3400 West 4th Avenue.  Please click the following link for the complete schedule of all planned public meetings:

San Jacinto Neighborhood Plan - Public Meeting Schedule  

Public Engagement Plan

The City, with consultant Urban Milestones, has developed a public engagement plan in order to have a detailed strategy for authentic public engagement.  It is designed to provide a framework for how the citizenry and business can participate in this process.  The Public Engagement Plan is intended to bring people together to problem-solve, deliberate and cooperatively decide how to proceed with complex problems.  You can download the Public Engagement Plan by clicking the following link:

San Jacinto Public Engagement Plan Download  

Advisory Committee

The City of Amarillo solicited applications for an advisory committee that will serve as the community’s stewards for the San Jacinto Neighborhood Plan. The committee includes stakeholders who represent a balanced mix of roles within the neighborhood and broader community, including: neighborhood residents, property owners, business owners, non-profit leaders, religious leaders, school representatives, historic preservation advocates/historians, advocates for people with disabilities and others.  The committee is meeting monthly throughout the plan process.

Presentations and Documents from Meetings

 San Jacinto Neighborhood Plan Proposed Boundary