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 Frequently Asked Questions




Our department provides a variety of services with the intent to maintain and develop an attractive, safe, thriving community. Land use activities and property development serve as the primary channels used with the City of Amarillo. This includes rezoning a property, zoning verification letters, Neighborhood planning, platting or vacating a property, etc



While we try to help as best we can, there's some things we're just not equipped for!

Surveying: The city does not provide this service, while we can't recommend a particular business, we are proud to say that there are several surveyors in the area who would be happy to help with your needs!

Change of property address, or establishing a property address: give Building Safety a call!


If you need to establish infrastructure for utilities, give Capital Projects and Development Engineering a call!

Just need to pay or set up utilities? Contact Utilities Billing

What about garbage? Public Works can take care of you!



All P&Z meetings and application deadlines are listed on our calendar here



plat is a map of a land area, showing the dimensions, locations of various uses like plots, easements, streets, and similar usage in the mapped area.



Plats, Potter-Randall County Appraisal information, zoning, school districts, and more are readily available on our GIS maps.



The City of Amarillo Code of Ordinances is available online for convenient access. Use the search bar to quickly and easily find exactly what you're looking for.



Quickly search for your property address in our Online Zoning Map. Click on your property for a pop up with more information. Be sure "Zoning Districts" is selected in the menu on the right. If you have any questions, please contact the Planning Department at 806-378-6290.



It will depend on the zoning of your property and type of project you have planned. First, determine what zoning district applies, then check the zoning ordinances for setback requirement in that district.



Most likely, a neighbor has requested a rezoning. When a property owner requests to change the zoning of an area in order to designate it for a new purpose, the letter is part of the rezoning process in order to inform members of the public near the area of the property owner's request.



Most likely, a neighbor has requested a replatting. When a property owner requests to plat or replat an area of land in order to change the way a property is divided, the letter is part of the platting process in order to inform members of the public near the area of the property owner's request.