Development Services

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What is Development Services? 

Development Services is a working group made up of several City departments who each play a role in the process of reviewing land and building development applications. Protecting the health, safety, and quality of life of the citizens of Amarillo, using established codes and policies, is our goal.  Development Services is the point of submittal and payment for all land and building development applications.  Once the application is deemed complete, the processing of each application begins.

Who is Development Services? 

Development Services includes these departments:

  • Planning - Lead department for:
    • Land Use & Zoning
    • Transportation Planning
    • Historic & Downtown Design Review
    • Neighborhood Planning
    • Annexation
    • Subdivision Plats
    • Preliminary Plan Review
    • Site Plan Review
    • Vacation of Right-of-Ways & Easements 
  • Capital Projects & Development Engineering - Lead department for:
    • Right-of-Way Dedication
    • Right-of-Way Construction
    • Construction Plan Review
    • Drainage Plan Review
    • Floodplain Development
    • Standards & Specifications
  • Building Safety - Lead department for:
    • Building Permits & Inspections
      • building projects (new construction & additions/remodels)
      • electrical
      • mechanical
      • plumbing
      • roofing
      • irrigation
      • transient business
      • manufactured homes
    • Sign Regulations & Permits
    • Contractor Registration
    • Neighborhood Services
      • junk & debris
      • substandard living conditions
      • weeds/trees
  • Environmental Health - Lead department for:
    • Alcoholic Beverage License
    • Food Safety & Inspections
    • Mosquito Control
    • Septic Systems/On-Site Sewage Facilities
    • Public Pool & Water Feature Inspections
  • Fire Marshal - Lead department for:
    • Fire Safety & Inspections
    • Fire Safety Plan Review

This working group also coordinates with local utility companies on application reviews, including Xcel Energy and Atmos Energy.

What is a Pre-Application Conference (PAC)?

By submitting a request for thePre-Application Conference, along with a site plan and description of your proposed development project, you have the opportunity to meet with a representative of every department within Development Services at one table to discuss your concept.  This is highly recommended for new construction projects, or sizable developments, and gives you the opportunity to identify challenges or requirements before submitting your application for processing and review.

Where Are We Located? 

Inside the Simms Municipal Building (808 S Buchanan), located at the rear of the first floor.  

Where Can I Find Land or Building Development Applications?

All land and building development applications are organized by type on our Development Services Forms & Applications page.

The Fee Schedule can be found here: Planning Department Fee Schedule 2019-2020

Where and How Do I Submit Applications?

You have three options for application submittal:

  1. Electronic submittal via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site
  2. Physically delivering the application to the Development Services counter; or,
  3. Emailing them (with all required attachments) to

Please note that payment of any application fees is required before an application can be deemed completed and eligible for review.

2019 Boards and Commissions/Application Deadlines Calendar