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Manufactured Homes Information

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Manufactured Home Installation Information

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Manufactured home placement within the city limits of Amarillo is determined by the date of manufacture (year model) and condition of the home. The City of Amarillo classifies manufactured homes in one of three categories. All categories require the manufactured home to have a HUD inspection number.

  • Type “A”- Built between June 15, 1976 and the current year, 8 feet or more in width, 40 feet or more in length. Allowed in MH, LC, HC, I-1, and I-2 zones without an S-permit and in A, R-1 and MF-1 (on a minimum 50 foot wide lot) with an S-permit.
  • Type “B”- Must be no more than six (6) years old, no less than 15 feet wide, with a roof pitch of 3:12 or greater, with a solid roof deck with shingles or a metal roof and must have a living are no less than 900 square feet. Allowed in MH, LC, HC, I-1, and I-2 zones without an S-permit and in A, R-1, R-2, R-3, MD and MF-1 (on a minimum 50 foot wide lot) with an S-permit.
  • Type “C”- Only new homes! – Must be no less than 28 feet wide, with a roof pitch of 3:12 or greater and with a solid (roof) deck with shingles or a metal roof. Must have a living area of no less than 900 square feet. Allowed in all zoning areas except CBD.
  • A Specific Use Permit or S-Permit is a process to re-zone the lot or property the manufactured home would potentially be placed on. If the proposed type of manufactured home is not allowed in the current zone but could be allowed with a Specific Use Permit, application for an S-Permit could be made to the Planning Department. This process costs $325.00 for the first acre and $10.00 for every additional acre. You will be required to provide a site plan, a real estate appraisal document and pictures of the manufactured home.  Due to the fact that this application must be seen by the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Counsel, this process could take between 4 to 6 weeks or more.

Manufactured Home Permitting is a two (2) part process:

  • The Preliminary Inspection Process – To set up a preliminary inspection, a completed application and a legal document showing the date of manufacture and HUD number must be provided. At this time a fee of $60.00 is required to set up the inspection. If the home is currently located in the city limits, utility disconnects and the proper permits are required to be completed BEFORE the required paperwork can be accepted. If an S-permit is needed due to zoning, this process must be completed and approved PRIOR to application for a manufactured home permit acceptance.
    • If the manufactured home has been occupied in the past or is two (2) years old or older, a preliminary inspection will be required to ensure the condition of the home. This inspection will include but will not be limited to:
      • Exterior condition (siding, roof, doors, stairs, etc.)
      • Window condition
      • Water heater (pop-off valve, drain line, door to closet, etc.)
      • Heating unit (blower unit, ducts, etc.)
      • Drywall condition
      • Electrical device and panel covers
      • Floor deck condition
      • Potential trip hazards (Tile, thresholds, carpet, etc.)
      • Plumbing fixtures (toilets, sinks, tubs, faucets, etc.)

If any of the above mentioned features are missing, loose or damaged, the manufactured home will not pass the preliminary inspection.

    • If the pre-inspection is disapproved for permit, a report with a list of required repairs will be provided to the applicant. The home may not be moved into the city limits or to the new home site until it has been repaired. Any necessary permits required to make the repairs must be present and the required inspections passed. Once these repairs have been completed, a re-inspection must be requested. If the required repairs have not been completed after the first re-inspection, the applicant shall pay a re-inspection fee of forty dollars ($40.00) for each subsequent re-inspection.
    • If the home is currently over 5 miles outside the city limits, the applicant or home mover will coordinate with the Department of Building Safety Plans Examiner working on the application process to set up a time (at least 24 hours in advance) and a location (at a commercial lot at or outside the city limit line) for the preliminary inspection to occur.
  • The Permitting Process – After the preliminary inspection has been passed, the applicant will need to return our office so their permit can be issued. A fee of $180.00 will be due at that time and will cover the building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits necessary to set up the manufactured home.
    • Some installations have additional requirements based on the current state of the property or lot which include but are not limited to:
      • StairsThere must be a (code compliant: see attached stair detail) stairway with guard rails (if necessary) at each exit of the manufactured home.
      • Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Smoke detectors are required to be located inside each bedroom and outside of every sleeping area of the home. Carbon Monoxide Detectors are required if natural gas appliances are present in the manufactured home and must be located outside of each sleeping area. (See the attached detail for more information)
      • Fixture Coverings – Prior to requesting a final inspection the following must be installed:
        • Light fixture globes or coverings
        • Air conditioning vent grills
        • Necessary smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
      • Property Address – The address of the manufactured home, number and street name, must be placed on the exterior of the home facing the street in characters at least 4” tall and ½” wide. These can be the typical letters found at any local hardware or super store.
      • Driveway/Parking- Two (2) off-street parking spaces are required to be installed, completely inside the property lines, prior to the final inspection. The driveway approach must be installed per the attached site plan requirements. Any flatwork (includes city sidewalks) located in the city right-of-way MUST be installed per city engineering standards.
      • Sidewalks – A 4’ wide sidewalk is required to be installed on all property frontages unless the property has been platted before 1959 or a sidewalk waiver from the Engineering Department has been granted.
      • Street/ Alley – In all areas platted after April 1, 1958, the street must be paved. In all areas platted after October 20, 1970, the alley must be paved. In any new development, regardless of plat date, both street and alley must be paved (see section 4-6-102(3)).
      • Skirting – Skirting must consist of solid, weather resistant material and must be installed prior to the manufactured home final inspection.
      • S-Permit Home and Property – If the zoning requires an S-Permit, the wheels/axles, tongue and lights used for towing must be removed. After the home has been placed on the property, the title of the manufactured home must be submitted to the state because it is permanently placed; it becomes part of the property and will be a permanent residence.
Submit title to:


Texas Department of Labor and Standards
Manufactured Housing Division
E. O. Thompson State Office Building
PO Box 12157
Austin, TX 78711
(800) 500-7074

Final Inspection

  • All plumbing, electrical, mechanical and flatwork (driveway and sidewalk) inspections must be complete before you can get your building (or manufactured home) final inspection.
  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors (if necessary) must be installed prior to calling for your final inspection.
  • Have your skirting installed but leave one side off for access under the home prior to calling for your final inspection. The remaining side can be installed once the inspection has been completed.
  • Stairs with landings and guards should be installed at each exit of the home.
  • When ready for the inspection, have your permit in hand and call (806) 342-1555 and following the instructions to set up the inspection. Someone will need to be there to let the inspector into the home.
  • The water meter will only be released once the final inspection has been passed and the Certificate of Occupancy from our office has been issued. Please contact (806) 378-3041 for more information about the Certificate of Occupancy.

Manufactured Home Permit Application

Manufactured Home Site Plan Example

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