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Water Production

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The Water Production Division consists of the following sub-divisions:

  • Groundwater Production

  • Water Transmission

  • Surface Water Treatment


The Groundwater Production sub-division:

This sub-division is responsible for the production of all well water for the City.  Currently, the Water Production Division operates and maintains various water supply wells in Carson, Potter, Randall and Deaf Smith Counties. These wells can produce a combined capacity of 66 million gallons per day. The City has approximately 259,842 acres of water rights in the Texas Panhandle which includes Carson, Deaf Smith, Hartley, Ochiltree, Potter, Randall, and Roberts Counties.  Most of these water rights are undeveloped and are kept in reserve for future use.    

The Water Transmission sub-division:

This sub-division is responsible for pumping and IMG_0090 - Copystorage of water in order to maintain adequate pressure in the distribution system at all times.  The system consists of 4 high-service pump stations, six elevated storage tanks with a total capacity of 8.5 million gallons, and nine ground storage reservoirs with a total capacity of 42.5 million gallons, and 120 miles of transmission pipeline.

The Surface Water Treatment sub-division:

This sub-division is responsible for the treatment processes necessary to produce potable water, which complies with all Federal and State drinking water standards.  The City is one of eleven member cities of water treatmentthe Canadian River Municipal Water Authority (CRMWA).  The City has a current allocation from CRMWA of 11.550 billion gallons of water per year.  CRMWA obtains its water from Lake Meredith and its well field in Roberts County.  The Osage Water Treatment plant, located south of 34th Avenue on South Osage Street and has a treatment capacity of 70 million gallons per day.  A reservoir with a capacity of 480 million gallons of untreated water has also been constructed for peak demand periods. 

The Surface Water Treatment sub-division has 2 main locations of operation:

  • The surface water treatment plant    
  • The raw water reservoir


The Osage Surface Water Treatment Plant:IMG_0126

  • Has 15 MG ground water storage
  • Is the location where most of the SCADA control system is operated
  • Is capable of treating 70 million gallons of water per day(MGD)




 The Raw Water Reservoir:IMG_0138

  • Has 500 MG storage
  • Has Three 30 MGD pumps
  • Provides security in water supply to the treatment plant
  • Provides a positive impact on the Insurance Services (ISO) rating of the City (which, in turn, impacts insurance rates)

**To schedule a tour with the Water Production Division, please contact the Director of Utilities Office**

 **For water/sewer emergencies call the 24/7 dispatch number: 806-378-6824**