Wastewater Collection

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The Wastewater Collection Division:

This division is responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of the 911 miles of wastewater collection mains and 53 wastewater pumping stations.  This system collects all domestic and industrial wastewater and transports it to the wastewater treatment plants for treatment.  This department installs new service taps, installs and repairs mains and manholes, cleans and inspects mains and manholes, and responds to customer complaints.  Thirty-four full-time employees are required to maintain the system. wastewater main

On an average day, you may find the Wastewater Collection Division working on maintaining:

  • Wastewater collection mains
  • Force mains
  • Lift stations 

**To Contact the Wastewater Collection Team, Please Visit the Utilities Directory for Contact Information**

**For water/sewer emergencies call the 24/7 dispatch number: 806-378-6824**