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Construction and Stormwater Quality

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At a minimum, all construction sites in Amarillo are required to implement erosion and sediment controls to prevent pollutants from entering into the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4).

The most common pollutant from construction runoff is sediment as a result of erosion. Erosion controls prevent sediment from reaching the MS4. Erosion and sediment controls are be considered to be basic pollution prevention for construction site operators.

Are you required to obtain a Permit? 

TXR150000 is the Construction General Permit. If you are required to permit you must do so through the Notice of Intent (NOI) process outlined in TXR150000.

Submittal of an NOI requires signed certifications two of which are:

Certification that the operator has a copy of TXR1500000 and understand its terms and conditions.

Certification that a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan is developed and implemented prior to commencement of construction activity.

The State of Texas defines Commencement of Construction in TXR150000.

Commencement of Construction - The initial disturbance of soils associated with clearing, grading, or excavation activities, as well as other construction-related activities (e.g., stockpiling of fill material, demolition).

The State of Texas defines Construction Activity in TXR150000.

Construction Activity - Includes soil disturbance activities, including clearing grading, and excavating; and does not include routine maintenance that is performed to maintain the original line and grade, hydraulic capacity, or original purpose of the site (e.g., the routine grading of existing dirt roads, the routine clearing of existing right of ways, and similar maintenance activities). Regulated construction activity is defined in terms of small and large construction activity.

The State of Texas defines Larger Common Plan of Development in TXR150000 on page 6.

Some examples of TXR150000 regulated Large Construction Activity:

  • Building a home on a lot that is part of a Larger Common Plan of Development.  
  • Any construction activity where 5 or more acres will be disturbed.

An example of TXR150000 regulated Small Construction Activity:

  • Construction activities that result in land disturbance of greater than 1 acre and less than 5 acres, which are not part of a Larger Common Plan of Development. 

Are you the operator of the site? Please see the Flow Chart on Page 5. of TXR150000. 

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If you have any questions please contact the City of Amarillo's Stormwater Quality Office at:

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