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Liquid Waste Haulers Program

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The City of Amarillo permits liquid waste hauler trucks in accordance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, to insure the safe transportation of and disposal of liquid or semisolid waste from septic tanks, cesspools, chemical toilets, sand and mud traps, and grease traps. The City of Amarillo inspects each and every liquid waste hauler to insure that every waste truck is in compliance with City, State and federal laws. These inspections are on a annual basis, and are valid from the time of inspection to the following September 30th.

All liquid waste haulers new to the City of Amarillo are required to obtain a City of Amarillo Liquid Waste Hauler Permit, before pumping, or disposing of any liquid or semisolid waste in the city, or its extraterritorial jurisdiction.

All liquid waste haulers are required to use the City of Amarillo manifest provided by the City, when pumping within the City or its extraterritorial jurisdiction.

Any liquid waste hauler companies wanting to obtain a Liquid Waste Hauler Permit for the city of Amarillo should contact the City of Amarillo Industrial Waste Department, at (806) 342-1556, to make an appointment. This department is located at 4001 South Osage.

Fees for waste disposal are based, not only upon the cost to treat hauled wastes, but also include administrative costs. These fees are very economical and possess a history of stability.

The fee per truckload is directly calculated by the capacity of the truck in 1,000 gallon intervals.
(Reference Code of Ordinance 18-3-77 (a)

City of Amarillo, TX Code of ordinance. Section. 18-3-51. Part (b)

No Person shall engage in the business of collection, transportation and disposal, or any of them, of liquids or semisolid Wastes from septic tanks, cesspools, chemical toilets, grease trap, sand and mud traps, or other similar activity within the city or its extraterritorial jurisdiction without a permit from the Wastewater Treatment Department of the City and from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for each vehicle used in such activity. Each Vehicle shall maintain full compliance with state and federal regulations. No person may dispose of such Waste in the City’s Sanitary Wastewater system without such a permit. Application for a permit shall include the following:

  1. Name and address of the applicant and the owner, if other than the applicant;
  2. Names of all personnel driving trucks if other than the owner;
  3. Description and vehicle registration number of each truck for which a permit is required;
  4. Size of tank on the truck;
  5. Type of equipment used in removing contents from septic tanks, cesspools or other Waste Containers including a complete description and other appurtenances;
  6. Location where the tank truck load will be disposed;
  7. Number and expiration date of any permit, License, or registration required for the above-described.