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HHW Items Accepted

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The City of Amarillo Household Hazardous Waste program accepts the following items in original manufacturer packaging with an intact and legible label sufficient to reasonably provide for the identity of the contained product:

  • Pesticides and herbicides from residential household consumers, which were intended for use by residential household consumers and do not require the user to register the pesticide upon purchase, become licensed or certified as applicators or be registered to purchase the product.
  • Latex and solvent based paint, and paint products (stains etc.).
  • Antifreeze, brake fluid, and other automotive fluids from residential users in normal residential volumes.
  • Household cleaning products in original packaging.


Dry latex based paint can be disposed in the dumpster. Drying of latex paint can be accomplished by mixing with materials such as oil absorbant, kitty litter or dirt. Air exposure drying also works given enough time and while being protected from children, pets, wildlife, and precipitation. All paint handling or mixing should be done with caution and in a well ventilated area.