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COA Used Oil Recycling Locations

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The City of Amarillo currently maintains 5 non-hazardous waste recycling centers located throughout the City and both counties. These centers are administered by the City of Amarillo Solid Waste Department and accept used oil, paper, aluminum cans, and tin cans. These centers do not accept anti-freeze, solvents, transmission fluids, or any hazardous waste materials. These sites are TCEQ registered used oil collection centers.

  • The Primary center is located in East Central Amarillo, at 27th Street and Hayes Street, (TCEQ registration # C80957). Potter County

  • A second location in North Amarillo is at the Fire Station located at the intersection of Hastings and the Dumas Drive Access Rd. This is on the East side of the highway. (TCEQ registration # C80958). Potter county

  • A third location in West Amarillo is located 1/2 of block east of the intersection of Western and 6th Street adjacent to the water tower (TCEQ registration # C80959). Potter County

  •  A fourth center is location in Southwest Amarillo, is located at the Fire Station at the intersection of 34th and Soncy Road, (TCEQ registration # C80960). Potter County

  • A fifth center is located in South Amarillo is at the intersection of Estacado and Bell Streets (TCEQ registration # C80961). Randall County

The City arranges for private vendors to collect used oil from these locations.