Household Hazard Waste Program

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DSC00080The intention of the Household Hazardous Waste Program is to provide for the safe handling and disposal of a containerized residential consumer product waste stream, which could be classified as hazardous waste, and to provide Amarillo residents the opportunity to have these items disposed of responsibly and with the greatest convenience that is practical.

The City of Amarillo Household Hazardous Waste program accepts consumer product waste as defined by the Consumer Product Safety Act, USC 2052 (a) (1), from residential household users. All items accepted must be less than 5 gallon quantity, and measure a minimum of 6” in Height. Household is defined as single and multiple occupancy residences. To participate, Residents must supply proof of residence within the Corporate City Limits of Amarillo; (current utility bill, drivers license, etc.). All items that are accepted should be normal household quantities. The program does not accept items associated with business activities. All items must be in original packaging with an intact and legible manufacturers label sufficient to reasonably, provide for the identity of the contained product.

Household Hazardous Waste items that are accepted at the Environmental lab at 4001 S. Osage will processed in, sorted by category, and either made available for recycling or disposed of properly.  

Appointment Scheduling may be initiated s by contacting the following phone numbers:

806 342-1557      806 342- 1556     806 342-1528 

If you have questions about the program such please contact us at:

806 342-1556    or    806 342-1528


The Household Hazardous Waste Program accepts all types of paint.

DRIED Latex based paint can be disposed of by the resident with the every day trash that goes into the dumpster:  

  • DRYING of latex paint can be accomplished by mixing with materials such as oil absorbant, kitty litter, dirt. Air exposure drying also
  • works given enough time and while being protected from children, pets, wildlife, and precipitation. Mixing is the safest option. All paint handling and mixing should be done with caution and in a well ventilated area.

HHW Items Accepted

HHW Items Not Accepted

Used Oil, Aluminum, and Tin Recycling Locations 




Map to 4001 S Osage St

Recycled Items may be picked up at no charge from the HHW Collection Center (Environmental Laboratory) at 4001 South Osage on the 4th Friday of Each Month from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm. Please contact us at (806) 342-1528 for more information.