Water Bacteriology

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NELAC is a National Environmental Laboratory Program operated by accreditation.
The State of Texas chooses to operate State Bacteriology Analysis by this accreditation program for maximum drinking water protection. Our Bacteriology Laboratory is accredited under this State operated program. The requirements to become accredited are rigorous and demanding. This includes of regular audits of the laboratory and accreditation of the analysts involved. By conducting drinking water analysis for bacteria under such a strict program the public is ensured safety and continuous protection.


The city accredited program conducts Coliform analysis for 275 cities in the upper panhandle area of Texas. This includes public water systems and persons.

Contact us at: (806) 342-1549

Here are some examples of who we serve:

Public Water Systems
Non-Public Water Systems
Large Industries
Real-estate Transactions
Bottled Water Companies
Ranches & Farms
Small Businesses
Trailer Parks
....and others

Educational Fact:
What is a Coliform, and why was it chosen to monitor? A coliform is a small bacterium slightly smaller than a blood cell which lives in the intestines of warm blooded creatures. It serves to help digest the food. There are billions of these inside each of us helping us digest. Scientific methods allow us to detect even one of these in a glass of water. Therefore if drinking water were to be found containing these, it would be verified as contaminated and disallowed to be consumed. Contamination of this type may indicate other disease causing organisms. The drinking water would then be shut off or a boil order would be placed into action. After repairs and the water is cleaned, disinfected, tested and made ready for service, it can be consumed.

Fun Fact:
What does a Coliform look like under the microscope, and what kills it? It looks like a very small jelly bean...with a very skinny tail. A live coliform moves very fast, and can be killed by a very slight dilute amount of chlorine. When you boil water it will also kill the Coliform easily.

The Environmental Laboratory NELAC operation conducts over 10,000 bacteriology analyses per year to support Public Safety.