Drinking Water and the Environmental Laboratory

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Drinking Water is also commonly known as potable water. The source of the water can be a river, lake, or a water well. Rarely is the source from an ocean because of excessive salt. The Environmental Protection Agency sets governing laws for drinking water by means of the Safe Drinking Water Act.

In the Texas Panhandle, the sources of our water are generally well water and lake water, with well water being the major source. In some cities, such as Amarillo, both sources are used.
Therefore, when you consume treated tap water you are consuming a blended water from both sources.DSC00102
Prior to 2011 the blended water was composed of approximately 60% Lake Meredith water and 40% well water. During 2011 to 2013 our water was 100% well water due to extensive drought conditions. With Lake Meredith recovering, the blend is currently approximately 20% Lake Water and 80% well water.

50 years ago, the Environmental Laboratory began a short daily analysis of the water and also a weekly analysis of the water. As Best Practices, this fundamental protective monitoring continues into the future.

Laboratory analysis aids in proper treatment of the water at the treatment plant.