Environmental Laboratory

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The big guns

The Environmental Laboratory is the City of Amarillo's central laboratory. It operates to serve all city departments with environmental analytical services. The laboratory began 50 years ago at the Osage Surface Water Treatment Plant and quickly developed into a central location where complex laboratory operations,as required by both the state and the EPA, could be completed in a cost effective manner. The analysis conducted requires highly complex instrumentation and qualified analysts to determine the level of parameters often in the parts per trillion range.  

As EPA developed across the past 50 years, many areas of our city began to have analytical requirements. These requirements include the following:

Drinking Water Wastewater Stormwater
Industrial Wastewater Water Wells Playa Lakes
PCB Oil Transformers Emergency Management Unknown Samples Fire Department Support
Solid Waste Landfill Groundwater Monitoring Program Cryptosporidium/Giardia Source Water Monitoring  And Many Others


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The Environmental Laboratory currently completes over 65,000 parameter tests per year to support the required analysis of our city departments. The NELAC Drinking Water Bacteriology operation in the Environmental Laboratory serves 275 cities and entities in the upper Texas panhandle to ensure drinking water is clear of bacteria.

For more information please contact us at: (806) 342-1524.

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Fun Facts: 

  • What two items are found to be increased if you consider that water starts and ends as wastewater? The items are Fluoride and Potassium.

- Fluoride is increased because of toothpaste, and potassium is increased because we all like to eat bananas.

  • What two items protect our water pipes and overhead storage tanks fm developing corrosion? The items are Calcium and Magnesium.

- Both of these form the white thin lining called water hardness. Without this water hardness we would have holes develop in the pipes and tanks from the water being too soft. This would cause frequent and expensive replacement.