The Water Utilities Department is considered an Enterprise Fund which is a separate operation of the City funded only from water and sewer sales and wastewater collection charges. The Water Utilities Department operates and maintains the City of Amarillo’s potable water system and wastewater system.  We are responsible for securing, producing, treating, and transporting potable water complying with all State and Federal regulatory quality requirements, and providing sufficient quantity satisfying the domestic, commercial, and industrial needs of Amarillo.  The Water Utilities Department is also responsible for the collection, treatment, and disposal of all city generated wastewater in an environmentally safe manner compliant with all State and Federal regulations.


Mission Statement:

To provide the citizens of the City of Amarillo the highest quality of an uninterrupted water supply in a safe, secure andIMG_0075 efficient manner supporting a high quality of life now and in the future as economically feasible; to observe and maintain the highest ethical standards to protect public health and the waters of the State of Texas in the treatment of wastewater discharges that meet or exceed state and federal standards; to provide the highest quality customer service in drinking water distribution and wastewater collection system maintenance and keep any disruption of services to a minimum.

Director of Utilities Office

This department provides administrative, engineering, and technical support for divisions within the Water Utilities Department. Responsibilities include project management, utility extension plans and specifications review, development utilities review, water conservation, environmental compliance, back-flow prevention and oversight of the department’s capital improvement program.  The department is also responsible for assisting customers in obtaining new water and sewer line locations, water quality data, and water conservation material.  It also acts as a source of public information concerning inquiries about the City’s water and wastewater infrastructure for citizens, businesses, and industries.   


Strategic Approach

The Director of Utilities Office provides the leadership, administration, and management for 4 divisions including Water Production, Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection Maintenance, Wastewater Treatment and Environmental Lab to meet the organizational goals of the City of Amarillo to provide clean safe drinking water to the citizens of Amarillo and maintaining the highest ethical standards to protect public health and the waters of the State of Texas in the treatment of wastewater discharges that meet or exceed state and federal standards. The Director of Utilities places emphasis on strategic planning on all levels of the organization to allow the Department to provide the highest level of quality customer service while ensuring our operational activities support our mission statement.

Water and sewer utilities are faced with ever changing challenges which include rising cost, aging infrastructure, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and a changing workforce. The Director of Utilities looks to use effective utility management to lead the utilities division to focus our efforts and energy to meet our organizational performance goals.



Blue Print for Amarillo: 

The Director of Utilities Office is addressing the City Council’s priorities and City Manager’s initiatives through Best Management Practices and Infrastructure.

The Director of Utilities Office engages in Best Management Practices with the oversight of the 7 departments to ensure continued regulatory compliance at the Water and IMG_0092Wastewater Treatment Plants, continued pursuit of alternative operational and procurement strategies to minimize the use of our limited resources, continued pursuit of training strategies to broaden employees knowledge and through monitoring of customers concerns to provide, maintain, and improve customer service. The Director of Utilities closely monitors rules and regulations set forth by United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as well as standards of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) to ensure the Water Utilities Department is in compliance with current rules and regulations.

The Director of Utilities engages in Infrastructure Initiatives through asset management of the Water Utilities Department which includes the maintenance and expansion of the current infrastructure. The Director of Utilities monitors the increasing age of the existing infrastructure and other capital assets to continue the improvement and replacement of the existing infrastructure as well as monitoring current inventory to identify future expansion needs to meet the growth and expansion of the City of Amarillo.



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