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Shopping for WIC Foods

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WIC foods are rich in nutrients which are vital to healthy development during pregnancy and early childhood. WIC provides benefits each month which are taken to grocery stores and used to buy nutritious foods. Different food packages are issued to clients based on program category and individual circumstances. Below you will find some of the many food packages we offer, plus a video explaining the WIC Approved Foods and the Texas WIC Shopping Guide.

 *Effective October 1, 2019*

Beans: are moving from a brand-specific item to a Choose Any Brand item. Clients can buy any brand, even organic or low-sodium versions, of black beans, black-eyed peas, cannellini beans, chickpeas, red kidney beans, great northern beans, pinto beans and fat-free refried beans.

Juice: Cranberry juice and tomato juice are being added to the list of juice options.

Cereal: Some breakfast cereal will be available in 12 oz. packages, in addition to the current 18 oz. and 36 oz. packages.

 Eggs: WIC clients can buy any size, including extra-large and jumbo eggs. They can also buy cage-free or enriched eggs, but not brown or free-range eggs. (Please Note: If you are have any trouble purchasing this item for your October benefits on your WIC card, you will need to bring your card into the WIC office to have this reflect on your WIC card.)

Tuna and Salmon: Fully breastfeeding women can choose tuna or salmon packed in oil instead of just in water. 

Formula: Our Formula Exchange Policy has recently changed. We no longer exchange formulas in our inventory back onto a client's WIC card. Due to these changes, we are encouraging clients to redeem only 1 or 2 cans of formula as needed. You can leave the rest of the cans on your WIC card, and we will appropriately change the cans on your WIC card.

*Effective November 1, 2019*

The child package for 1 year olds will now include peanut butter as an option. Clients will notice this change to reflect the option to buy 1 item of either the 1 lb. of dry beans/peanut butter/canned beans.

Please view the videos below for useful tips on how to shop for WIC foods at the grocery store: (The top video is the English version. The bottom version is the Spanish version.)