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Safety & Security

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Safety Starts With You!!

Amarillo City Transit strives to give all our passengers a safe, secure and comfortable trip. If you have any questions or concerns about Safety or Security please contact the Safety and Training Operations Supervisor or any member of the Amarillo City Transit Team.

Safety and Security Features of the Fixed Route Buses and Spec-Trans Vans

  • Priority seating for the elderly and disabled
  • Open perimeter seating
  • Seatbelts – Seatbelts must be worn by all passengers and drivers while the buses are in motion.
  • Slip resistant flooring
  • Two-way radios
  • Interior lighting
  • Fire suppression system
  • Security Cameras

Safety and Security Features of Our Transfer Station

  • Well lit with glass windows around all perimeters for added security and improved vision
  • Covered outdoor seating
  • Slip resistant cement on outside walkways
  • Located directly across the street from the Amarillo Police Department
  • No hazardous materials may be transported on the bus, example car battery, gas, anything that has had gas in it such as a weedeater, ammonia, bleach etc.

Safety Tips

At ACT, we’re always striving to provide a safer, more efficient service, but our job doesn’t stop there. To help further ensure the safety of all our customers, ACT would like to remind you of these valuable bus safety tips.

  • Don’t wait for a bus in or near the street; stay safe on the sidewalk.
  • Never stand in the stairwell or in front of the yellow or white line near the driver.
  • Avoid conversation with the operator while the bus is in motion.
  • Always wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before getting up to exit.
  • Stay seated and keep your seatbelt fastened while the bus is in motion. This is an ACT policy.
  • Never cross in front of or behind a bus. Drivers cannot see you.

Inclement Weather

You can always count on ACT to be there, even in inclement weather. But remember, in order to provide our passengers a safe experience when it’s hazardous out there, the time schedules will not apply. Here are some tips we hope will help you during inclement weather.

  • Call ACT dispatch for information about the approximate time the bus will arrive at your stop.
  • Have a contingency plan in the event poor road conditions prevent access to your bus stop or the stop at your destination.
  • When planning your trip be sure and plan for delays in the schedule.
  • Carefully evaluate the necessity of bus travel during inclement weather.

Pedestrian Safety

ACT makes getting around our city quick and easy. But sometimes a bit of walking is required to reach your destination. Whether you’re walking in Downtown, the Westgate Mall area or other parts of town, ACT wants to help keep you safe with the following safety tips.

  • Always walk on the sidewalk or designated walkway.
  • Be cautious walking along driveways. Often motorists do not expect or anticipate pedestrians in these areas.
  • Cross the street only at a corner or designated crosswalk. If there are no crosswalks, signs or signals, pedestrians should yield to all vehicles.
  • Always look both ways and over your shoulder (for turning cars) before crossing the street.
  • Never enter the roadway from between parked cars or behind shrubs or bushes.
  • The traffic signal alerts you when it is safe to cross the street. Never cross against it.
  • At intersections with traffic lights and pedestrian signals, wait until you see the WALK signal and look both ways for traffic before crossing.
  • A flashing DON’T WALK signal warns you it is no longer safe to begin crossing the street.
  • If the DON’T WALK signal begins flashing as you are crossing the street, the timing mechanism provides you with enough time to reach the other side safely.
  • Never cross the street on a steady DON’T WALK signal.

Safety Around Construction Zones

For many of us living in the Amarillo region, road construction improvements and general construction have become a part of our everyday lives. It may be a little difficult to get around now and then so ACT wants to help keep you safe with these construction safety tips.

  • Always walk on the sidewalk or designated walkway.
  • Enter the street only at a designated crosswalk. Crossing at any other place increases the likelihood of an accident.
  • Pay close attention to all posted signs. This will reduce the chance of an incident.
    Avoid going near a construction zone whenever possible.
  • Never enter a construction site. Heavy machinery and debris can cause you harm.
    Construction vehicles move quickly and suddenly. Always be prepared for unexpected hazards
  • Avoid using a cellular phone when walking near a construction zone. Staying alert to your surroundings reduces the likelihood of an incident.
  • Buses cannot stop in a road or right of way construction zone.  Please go to the nearest stop outside of the construction zone for pickup.

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