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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Day Pass work?
A 1-Day Pass allows you make as many trips as you like on the day the Pass is issued.  You can buy a Day Pass on your first trip of the day from the Bus Operator. The cost is $2.00.  Unlike transfers that expire and can only be used at certain locations, there is no limitation on when and where you can board on the day of purchase.

Q: Can I get a transfer to another bus?
A:  No, ACT will no long offer transfers.  Passengers choosing to pay the full fare of $1.00 will be required to pay per trip.  You can make unlimited transfers using a Day or Monthly pass.  The operator will identify your pass as valid and you will be allowed to board any bus

Q: What are my options for paying the new fares?
A:  The new fare payment options will allow passengers the opportunity to budget and manage their transit use.  ACT offers 1-Day or a Monthly Pass that allow unlimited rides for the specified time. A 1-Day Pass, for example, allows you unlimited riding for one full day after it is validated by the operator. Monthly passes are not useable on our Spec-Trans paratransit service, or transferable between passengers.

Q: If I am age 65 or older, do I need a Reduced Fare ID card?
A:  Medicare card holders can utilize their cards and a photo ID at any time, but you are encouraged to get a Reduced Fare ID. 

Q: I am eligible to ride Spec Trans but sometimes I ride fixed routes.  Do I need a Reduced Fare Card?
A:  No, Spec Trans riders can use their ID card to ride at the reduced rate.

Q: I have a disability but I am not certified for Spec Trans.  How do I prove that I am disabled?
A: Any of the following can be used to provide proof of disability.

  • SSI Letter or other proof of SSI
  • Disabled Veterans ID
  • Disability Parking Placard Application (signed by Physician) with ID
  • Physician’s original dated letter stating disabling condition
  • Social Service Agency original dated letter stating disabling condition
  • Previously issued Amarillo City Transit Blue or Yellow Reduced Fare ID Card

Q:  I am a student do I need an ID to get the reduce fare?
A: If you have a K-12 school ID card you are eligible for a reduced fare.  If you do not have an ID you will need to obtain a Reduce Fare ID card from ACT.

Q: I am an Amarillo College student.  Are there any discounts for my rides?
A: Yes, with a valid Amarillo College ID any current faculty, students, and staff will be able to utilize transit services for any of their transportation needs.

Q: When can I buy Monthly Passes?
A: Monthly passes can only be purchased during the last week of every month for the next month and two days into the month.  This is to ensure that passengers get the most out of their pass. 


Q: Can I buy a Reduce Monthly Passes?
A: Currently, we only offer an Adult Fare Monthly Pass at the present time. If you have a reduced fare card you can purchase multiple reduced day passes.  Day passes hold their value but Monthly Passes expire at the end of the month.

Q: Where can I buy Monthly Passes?
A: Monthly Passes are available on the first floor of City Hall or at the Transit Office located at 801 SE 23rd at Olive on the Route 33.

Q: I only have a $5.00 bill; can an operator give me change?
A: Unfortunately, transit operators will not issue change. Passengers are expected to have exact change for services.  Drivers may sell more than one day pass if exact change is not available (example, a customer who has a $5 bill and $1 bill can purchase 3 day passes or a $ 10 bill could purchase 5 day passes)

Q: I have fixed route tickets that I purchased from ACT can I still use them after        October 21, 2019.
A:  We will honor previously purchased tickets for the face value ($.75 adult, $.60 student, $.35 senior /disabled) but you will be required to pay the additional amount ($.25 adult or $.15 senior /disabled).  Please note that tickets will be accepted but transfers will no longer be issued and you will have to use a ticket every time you board the bus or you can use the ticket and pay the addition amount ($1.25 adult, $.40 student, $.65 senior /disabled) to obtain a day pass.

Q: I have Spec Trans tickets that I purchased from ACT can I still use them after        October 21, 2019.
A: We will honor previously purchased Pink Spec Trans tickets after October 21, 2019 for face value of $1.50. However you will need to pay an additional $.50 for trips inside the ADA service area or an addition $2.50 for trips outside the ADA service area.

Q: We are an agency or institution that purchased a large number of tickets from ACT can we exchange the old ticket for new day passes.
A: You may exchange the tickets for the face value and pay the difference.