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Head Lice


What are Head Lice?

  • Head lice are tiny insects that live in the scalp
  • They do not live on animals
  • They do not fly or jump
  • Lice will die within 1-2 days off of a human head

How does someone get lice?

  • Head to head contact
  • Sharing items which touch the head

If someone has lice, does that mean that their hair is dirty?

  • No. Lice live in warm environments such as the scalp with a steady supply of food (blood). Anyone can get lice.

What are nits?

  • Nits are lice eggs. They will eventually hatch into lice if they are close enough to the scalp. They are usually white in color and stick to the hair.

What do lice look like?

  • Lice can be different colors from brown to off-white in color. 

How do I know if I have lice?

  • You may see the lice
  • Your head will itch

What should I remember if I'm using a lice treatment?

  • Read and follow the directions carefully
  • Try not to use any hair conditioning product on the hair at least 48 hrs before
  • Some treatments may recommend a second dose, if so, follow package directions carefully 
  • Do not treat a person with head lice more than 2 times if it does not seem to be working
    • Contact your doctor and they may recommend a better treatment

How can I treat areas in my home?

  • Wash clothing and bedding used in the past three days by the person with lice with hot water (at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit) and dry them in a dryer on the hottest setting
  • Put items that cannot be washed in a plastic bag and seal it tightly for two weeks
  • Wash hair styling items (brushes, combs etc.) in hot soapy water (at least 130 degrees Fahrenheit)

What about home remedies or other treatments?

  • There is still no scientific evidence that home remedies such as olive oil, tea tree oil, vinegar, petroleum jelly, mayonnaise etc. will work to kill lice.


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If someone has lice, does that mean that their hair is dirty?