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Flu Surveillance

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For Healthcare Providers

The City of Amarillo Department of Public Health monitors and reports the levels of flu in the community. These reports go to the Texas Department of State Health Services where flu numbers are gathered to show trends for the state of Texas.

We ask that any provider testing for flu please report to us using the Flu Reporting Form.

What information do I report?

Reporting dates start each Sunday and end each Saturday.

  • The date tested 
  • The county of the patient who tested positive for flu
    • The city and state can be reported if you do not know the county
  • What the positive result is
    • Flu A, Flu B, Influenza-like Illness, or Undifferentiated Flu
  • If the patient was hospitalized or died from flu

How do I report?

  • Please download and use the Flu Reporting Form.
  • Fax this form to 806-378-6306 by noon each Monday to "Communicable Disease"


  • Call Kathy Camacho at 806-378-6341 or Kirstin Williams at 806-378-6353 to learn about electronic flu reporting!

What information goes to the Texas Department of State Health Services?

  • The number of Flu A, B, Influenza-like Illness, and hospitalizations per county.
    • The flu numbers for the state are tracked by county, not by clinic.

Why should I report?

Tracking the number of flu in Potter and Randall counties aids the Texas Department of State Health Services create a picture of the flu levels in the state. This lets us monitor vaccine effectiveness and coverage, and prepare ourselves for any outbreak of flu.

This helps the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) track flu numbers for the country and determine the effectiveness of the vaccine crafted for the previous flu season.


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