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 Our Partners


Below are all the various partners we work with locally to support economic development within Amarillo.





Amarillo Economic Development Corporation has a direct role in economic development activities by leading business recruitment and business retention and expansion activities. It serves as the main point of contact for businesses interested in locating to or expanding within Amarillo.  Amarillo EDC also supports entrepreneurial activities by funding the Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge and directing entrepreneurs and small business owners to supporting resources throughout the community.  Amarillo EDC's roles include: 


  • Promoting Amarillo as a premier location for businesses and talent
  • Investing in marketing and communications tools to promote Amarillo
  • Building relationships with primary employers and business influencers like site consultants and real estate professionals
  • Leading local business retention and expansion (BR&E) initiatives, surveying and meeting with local businesses to understand and respond to their needs
  • Serving as Amarillo’s point of contact for Team Texas, the Governor’s office and other entities generating leads for the region and state
  • Providing confidential project management assistance to expanding and relocating businesses
  • Providing and managing incentives that entice targeted businesses to grow in Amarillo, evaluating eligibility, facilitating incentive negotiations, and monitoring compliance and return on investment
  • Working closely with local partners like the City, Chamber of Commerce, and others to ensure Amarillo is highly competitive and responsive to businesses’ needs
  • Supporting investments in projects that help create and retain primary jobs in Amarillo (e.g., land, buildings, equipment, and targeted infrastructure)
  • Supporting investments in projects that enhance Amarillo’s quality of life, making it a more desirable location for primary employers and their employees


The Amarillo Chamber of Commerce (CoC) mission is to “enhance business and industry growth while preserving a high quality of life.” As the lead organization responsible for networking and promoting Amarillo’s businesses, the CoC serves a critical economic development function. In addition, the CoC’s roles should include:

  • Networking and promoting Amarillo’s businesses
  • Maintaining current information about the community
  • Sharing information about the community with residents, newcomers, and visitors
  • Staying alert to local businesses’ needs and working with community partners to address their challenges
  • Initiating and being involved in special and seasonal community events
  • Participating in Amarillo EDC’s business retention and expansion activities
  • Working closely with local partners like the Amarillo EDC, City, and others to ensure the Amarillo is highly competitive and responsive to businesses’ needs


The Amarillo Convention & Visitor Council (CVC) main role is to promote tourism and recruit conferences and other events to take place in Amarillo. This complements economic development activities, as it helps to promote the quality of life amenities in the region. The CVC’s role includes:

  • Recruiting conferences and events to Amarillo, including those in target industries
  • Marketing Amarillo’s tourism and quality of life amenities
  • Supporting investments in projects that enhance Amarillo’s quality of life, making it a more desirable location for visitors

 Center City of Amarillo’s mission is to “bring people to downtown Amarillo through organization, events, promotion, design and facilitation of economic restructuring.” Downtown Amarillo is a key asset for both business and talent alike, providing a vibrant location for businesses while enhancing quality of life amenities with offerings such as restaurants, entertainment, community events, and more. Center City’s initiative to receive a cultural district designation further supports Amarillo’s marketing and branding efforts. Center City’s role includes:



  • Supporting revitalization efforts in downtown Amarillo
  • Distributing façade grants to downtown businesses
  • Promoting downtown Amarillo as a cultural destination as well as a desirable location to live and work



The mission of the WT Enterprise Center (WTEC) is to “apply the principles of business incubation as a catalyst for innovation and entrepreneurial development in order to foster economic growth for Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle region.” This organization plays a key role in supporting startups in Amarillo and fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. WT Enterprise Center’s role includes:

  • Providing space for entrepreneurs that allows them to lower overhead cost and reduce risk
  • Developing coaching and training programs that help entrepreneurs take their business to the next level
  • Supporting Amarillo’s overall culture of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Working closely with local partners like the Amarillo EDC, City of Amarillo, Amarillo Chamber of Commerce, and others to ensure Amarillo is highly competitive and responsive to entrepreneur and small business needs


WT Small Business Development Center (WT SBDC) is a government agency with a mission to help small businesses succeed.  Services include business plan assistance, financial projections, tax information, marketing plans, seminars and workshops, feasibility studies, and research services. Because WT SBDC receives funding from the federal government and the State of Texas, they are able to offer free and low-cost services to their clients.


WT SBDC helps people start and run businesses, and do this in a lot of ways. They sit down with clients, or prospective business owners, and engage in one-on-one consulting sessions. Training, business plan writing, market research, and help with securing a loan are among the key services provided. Aside from providing legal counsel and tax assistance, there’s hardly anything WT SBDC can’t do to help your business. 

Workforce Solutions - Panhandle is proud to provide employment and childcare services to residents throughout the Texas Panhandle.  One of 28 Workforce Development Boards in Texas that assists area employers in finding and hiring employees, while helping residents develop the necessary skills for obtaining the jobs of today.

Workforce Solutions Panhandle partners with the Texas Workforce Commission to provide the largest job-matching database in the State. They also aid in business-related services including job training, resume building, career development, human resource needs, career counseling, and financial aid.  Along with assisting with employment opportunities, Workforce Solutions Panhandle helps residents with the cost of childcare for those meeting eligibility requirements.  Through economic development and partnership, we’re working to put more people back to work and create successful organizations and businesses in the Texas Panhandle. 



The City of Amarillo city limits is spread across two counties, Potter County and Randall County.  We work closely with our county government's to help promote economic development initiatives across the city.  

Educational institutions in Amarillo, including all four regional independent school districts, private schools for K-12, Amarillo College, Texas Texas University Health Sciences Center, and West Texas A&M University, play an important role to ensure curriculum and training programs are aligned with local business needs.

Local businesses in Amarillo play an important role in economic development. The private sector can be actively involved in economic development efforts by participating in AEDC's business retention and expansion program. The private sector may also actively support investments that enhance the community’s quality of life as well as infrastructure investments that help create and retain primary jobs in Amarillo.