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 Economic Development 

The Economic Development division assists the City Manager’s Office and the City Council in defining opportunities, in partnership with others in the community to expand the City’s tax base, support job growth, and revitalize downtown. 

The City’s primary economic development responsibility is to ensure that the community is a competitive location for businesses and talent. This involves offering predictable, efficient processes for growing businesses; adopting competitive business policies; encouraging economic development through productive relationships with other organizations; and providing infrastructure and quality of life amenities that make the community a desirable place. Other City roles include:

  • Shepherding companies and prospects through City processes and policies
  • Promoting Amarillo as a premier location for businesses and talent
  • Managing City incentives, evaluating eligibility, facilitating incentive negotiations, and monitoring compliance and return on investment
  • Working with local partners on projects that will make Amarillo more appealing to businesses and talent
  • Informing elected officials of economic development activities and goals
  • Facilitating community dialogue to build positive relationships with businesses and citizens
  • Directing information requests, leads, and other economic development requests related to primary jobs to the Amarillo EDC
  • Working closely with local partners like the Amarillo EDC, Chamber of Commerce, and others to ensure the Amarillo is highly competitive and responsive to businesses’ needs
 City of Amarillo Profile
Part of the Great Plains and the largest city in the Texas Panhandle, Amarillo had its beginnings in 1887, when the Fort Worth-Denver City railroad was constructed across the Texas Panhandle. Centrally located in the Texas Panhandle and bordered by New Mexico and Oklahoma, Amarillo’s economic history was closely tied to agriculture and the energy industry. These days businesses such as copper refining, fiberglass production, meat packing, ordnance manufacturing, customer service operations, and aircraft assembly operations have diversified the city’s economy. Serving as a regional medical center also plays a key role in Amarillo’s economy. Today, Amarillo is home to 190,695 (per 2010 Census) people and always welcomes newcomers. Amarillo is a strong community of neighborhoods; proud of the quality of life assets available to residents and visitors alike. A wonderful city to live, work and play!