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Barrio 10th Ave. Underpass Mural

Joey Martinez is fast becoming the unofficial artist of Amarillo.

Martinez has completed (or is in the process of completing) his third mural in the city. And there is a reason Martinez’s talent is in demand in Amarillo.

His graffiti-style art captures the history and traditions of Amarillo, and weaves these elements into a mural. Martinez’s original and unique art is resonating in Amarillo.

Many travelers in Amarillo have seen Martinez’s mural at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport – which features iconic Amarillo symbols like the Big Texan Steak Ranch and the Lighthouse at Palo Duro Canyon. Martinez completed the huge wall mural in two days.

Martinez’s graffiti-style murals are inspired by a personal tragedy years ago.

“I started painting over gang graffiti because one of my best friends was killed in a gang fight,” said Martinez, a former Pantex employee who now lives in Lubbock. “I would put positive words over gang graffiti – hoping to make a difference.”

His artwork can be seen at three locations in Amarillo.

There is the aforementioned mural at Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, another near S.E. 13th Ave. and Taylor Street and his most recent work – a mural at the S.E. 10th Ave. BNSF Railroad Underpass.

Martinez was chosen by the Barrio Neighborhood Planning Committee for the BNSF Underpass mural. The goal of the project is to create a welcome to the Barrio that celebrates the culture and architectural history of the Barrio.

Martinez is making a name for himself with his art, being part of a movie, television shows and media outlets such as Texas Monthly.

“I am just doing what I love to do,” said Martinez. “I wanted to make a difference.”

Thanks to his ability to turn personal tragedy into art, Martinez is accomplishing his goal of making a difference.


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