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Fire Station #3 Grand Opening


Fire stations are more than buildings to house fire trucks and the stereotypical Dalmatian.

Fire stations are part of the communities they serve.

This was evident Tuesday as the City of Amarillo held the grand opening for Fire Station No. 3, located at 7441 Oxford.

More than 200 people attended the grand opening – and it was a neighborhood event.

“That was one of our goals – to make this something for the community and the neighborhood around this fire station,” said Capt. Kyle Joy, Public Information Officer for the Amarillo Fire Department. “We want our fire stations to be part of the neighborhoods they serve, and for residents to know that each fire station is their fire station.”

Many children rode their bicycles to the grand opening of Fire Station No 3. The firefighters who are stationed at Fire Station No. 3 were also in attendance for the grand opening.

“That was something we were thrilled to see – kids riding their bikes to the fire station,” Joy said. “We wanted to create an event that showed the fire station as what it is – a new part of the neighborhood.”

The city of Amarillo has 13 fire stations throughout the city.

The Amarillo Fire Department, which has been in existence since 1897, has 288 firefighters - 269 uniformed. Firefighters respond to different types of emergencies rather than the traditional building fires. Firefighters respond to all kinds of medical emergencies. For example, firefighters are often providing medical assistance following a motor vehicle accident.

Thanks to all our firefighters, and congratulations on the new addition to the neighborhood.


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